Due to Covid we have not met in-person since the general meeting in Brussels in 2020, which impedes our activities. To overcome that we would like to announce the joined meeting of Management Committee and Working Groups, devoted to PLAN ACTIVITIES during the two remaining years of our project (2022-23) and to brain storm on the possible scientific initiatives, methodologies, meetings, training schools and planned papers. Of course, if you are willing to announce any new ideas for our Action you are welcomed; then you are pleased to send a relevant e-mail to Karel Douda (k.douda@gmail.com), who prepares the meeting agenda.

DATES: 6-7 May 2022 (Fri-Sat.; you may arrive one day before and leave one day after, if needed)

VENUE: Prague, Univ. of Life Sciences.

Registration deadline: 10th April 2022

If you are going to come, please register, sending an e-mail with the statement:

“I CONFIRM, I will come to the PRAGUE MEETING 6-7 May 2022” giving also your name, to lipinska@iop.krakow.pl with “PRAGUE” in subject line.

The deadline for registration is 10th April, at midnight. If allocated funds allow it, we will invite everyone. If the number of participants will be higher than predicted (40 persons), unfortunately we have to refuse to invite some participants, the selection will follow the COST rules.

AFTER EVALUATION we will send OFFICIAL INVITATIONS from e-COST to each of the participants.

DO NOT BOOK HOTELS OR FLIGHTS BEFORE RECEIVING FORMAL INVITATION (or you can do that on your own responsibility).

Remember also that COST does not take any responsibility for possible complications due to Covid-19 or war.

Participants from Ukraine are eligible!