Red list. Verbania, Italy 5-9 December 2022

The aim: The Red List edited by the IUCN is an important publication influencing conservation polices of many countries. One of aims of our Action is to update the IUCN list with the latest information, considering the very fast rate of decline of many species, including “forgotten” species in Mediterranean, recent revolution in taxonomy and overestimated status of some species. The evaluation of the species should be adjusted to the methodology used by IUCN to be compatible and ready to implement in the Red List.
Dates: 5.-9. Dec. 2022
Location: Verbania, Italy.
Registration: Manuel Lima <> (Red List team was established in Prague meeting).
Agenda: available soon

The aim: The MoU of our Action assumes development of efficient methodology of freshwater mussels surveying, management, conservation and monitoring, which will become and pan-European standard. The best way to achieve this goal is to issue an European CEN standard for development of these methods. The standard cannot be elaborated without intensive discussion and review of various materials, which is impossible without face-to-face meetings, like the one in Lisboa.
Dates: 24 – 25. Sept. 2022
Location: Lisboa, Portugal
Registration: completed.
Registration deadline: 10.06.2022
Agenda: available here

The aim: Biomarkers, including the expression of specific proteins and certain behavioural patterns, have proven effective in providing information on the condition of natural populations of freshwater bivalves and can be used as early warning tools for e.g. environmental pollution events. The objective of this training school is to provide training in the biomarkers approach at different levels of biological complexity, from proteins to entire organism.
Dates: 5 – 7th July and 21 – 23rd July 2022
Location: Milano, Italy
Registration deadline: 20th May 2022
Agenda: available here

The aim: due to Covid we have not met in-person since the general meeting in Brussels in 2020, which impedes our activities. To overcome that we would like to announce the joined meeting of Management Committee and Working Groups, devoted to PLAN ACTIVITIES during the two remaining years of our project (2022-23) and to brain storm on the possible scientific initiatives, methodologies, meetings, training schools and planned papers.
Dates: 6 – 7 May 2022
Location: Prague, Univ. of Life Sciences
Registration deadline: 10 April 2022
Agenda: available here

The aim: The two-day activity will include introduction to parasite fauna of freshwater mussels, practical examination of mussels for parasites in the laboratory, identification of parasite species and groups, and trematode cercariae release monitoring.
Dates: 17.-18. August 2021
Location: Poznań, Poland
Registration deadline: 17th July 2021
Agenda: available here

The aim: The four-day activity will provide training and launch a coordinated research network on spatial, temporal and methodological sources of variability in basic freshwater mussels ecosystem function estimates with the focus on mass to clearance rate equations.
Dates: 14.-17. September 2021
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Registration deadline: 31st July 2021
Agenda: available here

The aim: A CEN standard has been published for survey and monitoring of Margaritifera. It would be good to see if the same approach could be used for other important bivalve species. This should include standardisation of approach to promote comparability, and also the best use of the parameters already being collected, such as for the Water Framework Directive.
Dates: 29. April 2020
Location: Dublin
Registration: Cancelled due to COVID-19

The aim: The two-day activity will include introduction to parasite fauna of freshwater mussels, practical examination of mussels for parasites in the laboratory, updates of current and planned mussel parasite research of participants, as well as mapping of research needs, potential collaborative research projects and review papers.
Dates: 30-31. January 2020
Location: Poznań
Registration: Cancelled due to COVID-19

The aim: The WG identify gaps in the knowledge and set up organisational structure: identify leaders to particular sub-tasks, who will recruit participants to conduct the concre activities. The task groups will elaborate schemes for data collection and project or papers preparation (horizon scans, review papers). The meeting will also discuss a schedule and topic for training schools planned for next grant period, as well as schedule for STSMs.
Dates: 30-31. January 2020
LocationThursday: Manos Conference Centre, Chaussée de Charleroi 135, 1060 Brussels.
Location – Friday: COST Association, Avenue Louise 149, 1050 Brussels
Registration: closed
Agenda: click here