The objective of WG2 is to establish an international scientific network for studying ecosystem functions and services provided by freshwater mussels. Currently ongoing and planned activities/outcomes are:

  1. Systematic literature review and meta-analysis of available data on ecosystem services provided by freshwater mussels
    (ongoing, Leads: Alexandra Zieritz, Noe Ferreira, Karel Douda)
  2. Financial evaluation of ecosystem services provided by freshwater mussels through various approaches, including “willingness-to-pay”
    (ongoing, Leads: Alexandra Zieritz and Ana Sofia Vaz)
  3. Systematic collation of data on traditional ecological knowledge and expert opinion
    (ongoing, Leads: Noe Ferreira and Ronaldo Sousa)
  4. Studying the effects of parasites, such as trematodes and mites, on freshwater mussels and their ecosystem functions
    (ongoing, Lead: Jouni Taskinen)
  5. Development of trans-disciplinary projects to fill gaps in knowledge on freshwater mussels’ roles in ecosystem functions and services
    (planned for later in 2020-, Lead: Martin Österling)
  6. Training school on “Modern tools in freshwater mussel functional roles research”
    (planned for 2021, Lead: Karel Douda)