The main task of workgroup 4 is to promote the importance of freshwater mussels for aquatic ecosystems in the society. This includes all relevant stakeholder (e.g. administration, NGOs, local authorities, educational bodies, water management bodies, angling- and touristic- companies) as well as the general public.

Furthermore, the task of WG4 is to foster the collaboration between the different work groups of this COST project and the implementation of the results and outcome of this project into scientific programmes, education, management and legislation.

Concrete actions of WG4 are for example:

  • Building scenarios for European mussels and the preparation of a European Action Plan for Freshwater Mussels, developing guidelines for EU and national legislation.
  • Dissemination of information (from WGs) directly to the local nature conservation bodies and to local authorities on the species/habitats of outstanding value in the areas they administrate.
  • The preparation of an Academic Textbook on the biology and ecology of freshwater mussels.
  • Dissemination (‘eMUSSELment’) of education materials on freshwater mussels, their biology and their ecosystem functions and services, as well as guidelines on their protection and conservation methods.
  • Securing the visibility and media coverage of the Action, COST, ERA and EU funding.